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Story: The Man I Married episode 4



Episode 4
It’s three weeks to our passing out parade
popularly known as POP and I am yet to hear
anything from the love of my life. If he was dead I
would have mourned him, if he had jilted me I
would have been pained. But he just disappeared
into thin air without leaving a trace of what might
happened to him. At this time my hope of seeing
Kenny again became weak by the day because age
is no more on my side.
Janet has been a good friend all through my trying
times. She had advised me to open my heart to
other guys that are showing interest in me. ‘If
Kenny is your own, God will surely bring him back.’
She has since been my confidant and companion.
We talk together, pray together, eat together and
do everything together.
My place of primary assignment proposed to retain
me after our POP with a relatively good package. I
had told them I will need a two weeks break after
our POP to enable me sort out some issues before
resuming work in earnest. The two weeks
permission I took was to further search for Kenny. I
will go to their family house in Oshogbo and know
what exactly has happened to Kenny. I prayed in
my mind “oh God do not let anything bad happen
to Kenny”.
After our POP I set out for Oshogbo to see my
family and Kenny’s family. When I got home my
mum and dad were so happy to see me but Titi’s
mood was not welcoming. ‘Titi, aren’t you happy
to see me after a whole year? I asked her. She
couldn’t control her tears when we both looked at
each other eyeball to eyeball. Titi is my younger
sister, I grabbed her and kissed her fore head. ‘Tell
me why you are crying Titi, I turned to ask my
mum why Titi was crying but her eyes changed like
a cloud about to rain. Immediately I knew
something bad had happened behind me. ‘How is
Dayo and his wife? I asked.’ They’re fine my mum
responded. ‘What of aunty Tayo? She’s fine too.’
my mum assured me. Then what must have gone
wrong? I thought within me.
My father broke the silence without beating around
the bush. ‘Kehinde was kidnapped by ritualists on
his way to Calabar to see you on the 15th of
March. His corpse was discovered by the Police
after the second day after the ritualists plugged out
his two eyes and removed his manhood. I went
blank immediately and I didn’t know what
happened again until I woke up on the hospital
‘Thank God you are feeling better Folake.’ I heard
my mum’s voice faintly. I need not ask anyone why
I am here, I knew I went unconscious after the bad
news about Kenny. But why did they keep this
away from me all this while? Why didn’t I hear it
from other sources, why didn’t anybody post his
obituary on Facebook or any of the social media we
both belong to? Why will he come to Calabar
without informing me? Maybe he wanted to give
me a surprise visit. But Kaduna to Calabar is not
like Ife to Iree, it’s almost a day’s journey. I asked
a million questions I had no answer to right on the
hospital bed. After two days I was discharged from
the hospital to face my agony.
I tried to put myself together but that was not easy
at all. I know going to see Kenny’s family
especially his mum is another bridge I have to
cross in pain. I couldn’t withstand seeing his mum
crying over him yet this is what I must do. When I
arrived Kenny’s family house on Sunday, it was like
my presence opened up a fresh wound. We sobbed
from 11am till 8pm non stop. We cried as if he just
died yesterday. We all planned to hide this from
you, knowing how much Kehinde meant to you.’
Kenny’s mum told me.

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