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Story: The Man I Married episode 6


Episode 6
That night I couldn’t sleep because I
know I don’t love Bro David but
pastor said God told him we are
meant for each other. If I marry this
man I will spend all my life fasting
and praying. There will be no time for
play and social life with him. I’m
sure he will be a virgin; will he even
be a real man in the bedroom? He’s
a type of man who will not care
about his wife’s sexual temperament
because of spiritual assignment. He
may even see sex as unclean and
unholy. I judged him all through the
I shared my burden with Mr Alfred on
reaching the office the following
morning. He seemed to like the idea,
‘don’t you think Bro David will make
a good husband?’ he asked. ‘He has
been our prayer leader for the past
four years. He’s a child of God and I
am sure of this; he is working, he
has integrity, he’s spiritual and
gentle. What else does a woman
wants in a man? If you join your
resources together you are sure
going to start well and grow together.
He advised me. His advice sounded
nice but I was not at peace in my
heart. But pastor said “we are meant
for each other ” this kept ringing in
my heart every time I made up my
mind to turn down the proposal. The
six weeks I gave pastor will elapse
by Sunday. Pastor will surely
summon me into his office to ask for
my reply on the issue of Bro David. I
was really confused and I felt like not
going to church that Sunday.
I picked my Bible to read so I can
pray and go to bed. I opened a place
at random to read and it was 2
Chronicles 20:20
“And they rose early in the morning,
and went forth into the wilderness of
Tekoa: and as they went forth,
Jehoshaphat stood and said, Hear
me, O Judah, and ye inhabitants of
Jerusalem; Believe in the Lord your
God, so shall ye be established;
believe his prophets, so shall ye
I read it over and over again as if I
have never seen that verse in my
Bible before. Could this be confirming
pastor’s words “you are meant for
each other”. No I told myself, this is
talking about Israel and not Folake
Kehinde. But how would I tell pastor
that Bro David is not God’s will for
me? What would I give as a reason
for rejecting the proposal? That he’s
too spiritual? Of course that won’t be
an excuse before my pastor.
‘Good morning Sis Folake, I am sure
you must have prayed enough now,
the pastor asked. But before I say
anything, Bro David can you share
the revelation you shared with me on
Friday again? Thank you daddy, Bro
David shifted and sat well on the
visitor’s chair with smile on his face.
But I must be frank, I was irritated by
the whole drama.
‘I had a dream last week after our
departmental vigil and I saw Sis
Folake crying and holding her
wedding gown on her left hand but
her man was not with her. Suddenly I
saw you daddy and mummy asking
her to go through a narrow road
where she will see a tree with fruits
and names written on each fruit. You
instructed her to pluck any fruit of her
choice from the tree. By the time she
came back with the fruit I saw my
name written boldly on the fruit in her
hand then I woke up.
The pastor interpreted the dream and
asked me to say yes to Bro David’s
proposal. Right in the pastor’s office
he put an engagement ring on my
finger. By the time I came out of
pastor’s office, a lot of brethren were
waiting at the pastor’s office
reception to cheer us up. I came to
meet the embarrassment of my life as
every eyes was on the ring on my left
finger. Congratulations!
Congratulations!! Congratulations!!!
The awaiting members gave me hugs
and handshakes. Thank you all, I
said as I put on a fake smile.
We courted for three months and
wedded. There was no need for long
courtship because we were both
ready and mature. At the time we
wedded he was 34 while I was 31.
Just as I anticipated, our honeymoon
was nothing to write home about. We
lived in the same house like
strangers, and we barely spoke to
each other. He’s either preparing one
sermon or Bible study note. He fasts
three times in a week, Mondays,
Wednesdays and Saturdays. He
leaves the house anytime he’s called
upon for any emergency prayer
meeting. I was married but lonely.

*anticipate next episode soon*

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